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Firma AMS-systems zajmuje się projektowaniem, budową oraz uruchomieniem prototypowych maszyn i urządzeń przemysłowych, stanowisk testowych oraz montażowych.

Machine Technology

We specialize in constructing and manufacturing machines and devices adjusted to Customer's individual needs and requirements. Implemented solutions are based on components matching high demands of the branch of manufacturing. Our major are mounting or testing machines and devices engineered for specific needs of our Customers.

During the process of designing and creating machines utmost attention is paid to fulfilling stringent safety requirements, both of the assignments being conducted and the attendant staff. We apply safety elements such as safety curtains, covers secured with safety switches and double hand start-up sets.

Constant surveillance over the components used in every single operation on machines relevant to chosen function and comparing the compatibility after every step of montage, testing and other technological activities enable a rapid elimination of defective individuals and an improved quality of the product.

Not only are we capable of fabricating and launching devices basing on our own conception but also on documentation provided by our Customers. These devices can be made as separate stands and integrated elements of preexisting, fully automatic production lines.

manufacturing machines | testing stands | assembly stands | handling | visual control | feeders | control cabins


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